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Reverse-pulse-jet self cleaning bag filters

Bag Filters

Reverse-pulse-jet self cleaning bag filters designed to keep Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM) less than 50 mg/m3 effectively and keeps the smoke visually unnoticed. High GSM & High temperature resistant Filter bags, Digital Sequential Controller & Rotary Airlock Valve for continuous discharge helps the cleaning system run continuously without any flaw.

CAPACITY : 4,000 CMH to 75,000 CMH


  • Very Less SPM level (≤50mg/m 3)
  • Collection efficiency 99.9 %
  • Can withstand 200mmWC suction pressure at ease
  • Optimum Air to Cloth ratio to reduce Tube-sheet pressure drop.
  • Robust & made for continuous operation.
  • Easy and Low Maintenance

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