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waste heat recovery boiler manufacturer in India

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers / Exhaust Gas Boilers (WHRB / EGB) Manufacturer in India

Our distinctive Waste Heat Recovery Boilers or Exhaust Gas Boilers utilize thermal heat available in exhaust waste/ flue gases after combustion of fuels in furnaces, kilns, Diesel Generator Sets, incinerators, etc to efficiently generate steam. Thus resulting an addition to energy concepts involving combined power (electricity) and/or heat (steam) generation at no extra fuel costs.

Also one more distinctive advantage these boilers have is since they operate on waste heat, there are no operating fuel costs and hence they offer quick payback of investments with lifetime returns.

However the amount of thermal energy/ steam that can be generated from the waste heat available depends on three basic requirements which are:-

  • Type of fuel and its composition
  • Amount of flue gas volume leaving the exhaust per hour
  • The temperature of the flue gas at the exhaust

CAPACITY : 0.6TPH to 10TPH upto 17.5 kg/cm2 Pressure


  • Good Quality Dry Saturated Steam at Steady Steam Pressure with High Dryness Fraction helps in reducing the processing time saves steam and improves the quality of processed material.
  • Compact Design enables less site work & quicker commissioning
  • Highly robust in construction & very Reliable in operation with easy & Low Maintenance
  • High Heat Transfer Area leading to high efficiency up to 95% & reduced temperature of flue gases
  • Flue Gas Emissions at much lower temperatures leading to a much cleaner & pollution-free environment
  • Self startups with auto control and safety bypass

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